Norway Plans to Launch a Solution on Public Ethereum

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The Norwegian government has plans to launch a solution for creating capitalization tables on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Jon Ramvi, founder of Symfoni, the tool is intended for companies that are not listed on stock exchanges.

According to him, the platform will be built on the basis of the Arbitrum L2 network due to the fact that it provides faster and cheaper transactions compared to the main blockchain.

The solution involves accounting for shares represented in the form of ERC-1400 standard tokens implemented by ConsenSys. It is a hybrid digital asset model specifically designed for use in tokenized finance.

In ConsenSys, the tokens of this standard are characterized as “partially fungible.” Not all assets of this model are equivalent, as is the case with cryptocurrencies, some of them may be subject to restrictions such as a blocking period. However, they are not NFTs.

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