Ethereum Price Jumped by Almost 60% in July

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The price of the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization grew by 56.6% last month, whereas Bitcoin showed more modest results with a 16.8% increase.

Among moderate-cap assets, the LDO token of the Lido protocol demonstrated the largest growth, as the asset increased by 350% amid the recovery of the stETH/ETH peg.

OP from the L2 protocol Optimism added 200% and Ethereum Classic almost 150%. According to experts, ETC jumped on the heels of the statements of Ethereum developers about the upcoming transition to PoS of the Goerli testnet. The community expects miners to migrate to the “nearest relative” PoW protocol.

Among the outsiders were the assets of the collapsed Terra ecosystem against the backdrop of statements about the investigation of its collapse by law enforcement officers and searches of top managers.

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