CurateDAO Rolls Out an Analogue of Pinterest in Avalanche Network

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CurateDAO platform has launched the C2E protocol on the Avalanche network. The project will provide users with the opportunity to earn rewards in AVAX for compiling boards useful to the community, similar to Pinterest.

According to the press release, the boards are decentralized and use a smart contract to transfer revenue to content creators and curators.

CurateDAO introduces a community-created data curation protocol that rewards curators and aggregators. By transferring revenue and ownership of the results of the effort, the platform enhances the current Web2 model.

Curating in CurateDAO can be thought of as a DAO. Each curator has a goal and a set of rules that community members follow when adding content.

The protocol was launched in Avalanche C-Chain and plans to move to a subnet to support the growth of the project.

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