Coinbase CEO: We Are Working on a Documentary on Coinbase and Cryptos

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Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and YouTube will launch on October 7, “Coinbase, the Founder’s Story,” a documentary about the last three years of the exchange and the cryptocurrency market.

The film will tell about the “good, bad and ugly” process of creating a technology startup from scratch.

The documentary has been directed by Greg Kos, known for Song Sung Blue, The Great Alone and AlphaGo. He has tried to show without embellishment the difficulties of a venture entrepreneur and inspire others who plan to follow this path.

The award-winning team has gained “unprecedented access” to Coinbase, covering “crazy ups and downs over this period.”

Armstrong has admitted he wanted to show startup founders as ordinary people who are trying to create a product that people want. According to him, everyone in the industry believes in the possibility of a fair, free and global financial system.

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