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Skylex Layer-1 blockchain is preparing to launch its mainnet in Q3 of 2023. Once the mainnet is launched, Skylex will be able to reduce the block’s finality to 3 seconds. To do that, Skylex Network has developed multiple products and services that allow users to join the world’s fastest-developing digital ecosystem.

Skylex’ Goal for 2023 Mainnet Launch

The Layer-1 blockchain Skylex is preparing to launch its mainnet in Q3 of 2023, reducing the block’s finality to 3 seconds. And in that process, Skylex Network has developed multiple products and services that allow users to join their digital ecosystem.  

The project combines Layer-1 technology with products such as mobile crypto client-side wallets, decentralized and centralized exchanges, and the SLX nodes. This way, Skylex is developing a network of cooperating products and services to maximize users’ and companies’ bond with the crypto world, as well as strengthen the Skylex brand on the market. Such combinations ensure the incredibly high stability of the entire Skylex ecosystem.  

Technology has allowed the world to unlock extensions of talent that previous generations could not even dream of. However, a couple of technology giants control electronic devices, vehicles, banking systems, and social media platforms that are now part of our daily lives. Monopolizing an unethical industry, companies interfere with users’ privacy. However, blockchain promises the most in protecting user privacy. The distributed nature and various forms of encryption on the blockchain allow users to interact securely through a fair and private system. Although the potential of blockchain is clear, the technology is in its infancy. 

 “SKYLEX Network was created to return to society financial freedom, transparency of transactions, as well as the possibility of free choice. We’ve created a platform and an ecosystem from scratch, the main pillar of which is users’ freedom.” – says Skylex VP David Ternus. 

SLX Nodes

 Each SLX Node contains a specific number of SLX tokens and allows anyone to participate in confirming transactions on the SLX network, which ultimately translates into participation in the rewards from confirmed transactions. By acquiring SLX Nodes, each user joins the activity Skylex Network, which maximizes and stabilizes the performance and development of the Skylex Network ecosystem and gets rewarded for it. All transactions carried out on exchanges by Skylex Network are available in SLX Explorer. The total number of SLX Tokens in the nodes with limited available quantity equals 20,000,000,000 SLX tokens (i.e., 194,000 SLX Nodes). 

With such a limited number of Nodes, the principle of “First come, first served” is holy, so joining the Skylex Network at an early stage will let everyone get their own validator. It is also worth noting that in the first week after the launch of Skylex Network, the platform registered over 2,500 users, which is constantly growing. Furthermore, users should acknowledge that the mainnet launch strictly depends on the total SLX in Nodes sales. 

Aiming on Constant Improvement

SKYLEX was built with many features to differentiate it from its competitors, but its greatest strength lies in the team behind it.

“We will consistently demonstrate our ability to innovate, execute and grow rapidly. These qualities serve us well in helping us stay one step ahead of the competition. There is enormous untapped potential in the cryptocurrency market, and we are excited to achieve our success with SKYLEX. We’d be ecstatic for our investors and supporters – who are our Skylex Stars – to join us on this journey.’ – says David Ternus. 

About Skylex Network

SKYLEX Network was created to return to society financial freedom, transparency of transactions, and the possibility of free choice.

The company focuses on providing innovative technology, along with services and products that are fully functional and complete, such as decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges and a fully developed layer-1 blockchain.


More information is available on the official Skylex website and their socials, Twitter, LinkedIn, and  Telegram.

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