Manta Network Rolls Out Pacific Mainnet

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The Manta Network has recently announced the alpha launch of their Pacific Layer 2 mainnet for zero-knowledge (ZK) proof applications.

In July, the project completed a successful rise and development, raising $25 million for the creation of their ZK network and the Pacific testnet.

Over 250 smart contracts have now been deployed, more than 4 million transactions have been conducted, and over 200,000 wallets have been activated.

Pacific is designed to be the first modular EVM-native runtime tailored for ZK applications.

The development of the network is based on a custom software package from Optimism, with the assistance of Celestia’s solution for data availability and reduction of transmission fees.

Developers and users are given access to a user-friendly, universal ZK-as-a-Service design and SDK to expedite their integration.

The team firmly believe that ZK apps are the way of the future and will ensure dependable security and privacy for users.

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