Ethereum Command Leaves Holesky Testnet

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The launch of Ethereum’s public testnet Holesky has had a few issues due to an incorrect configuration, noted researcher Diederik Loerakker.

Named after the train station in Prague, Holesky is built to test staking solutions, evaluate infrastructure, and evaluate protocols – while Sepolia will continue to be utilized for testing dApps, smart contracts, and Ethereum Virtual Machine-related features.

LTS for the testnet is set to run until 2027, with EOL set for next year. During a conference call in August, Paritosh Jayanti of the Ethereum Foundation reported that 1.4 million validators had tested the network, and are recommending to make this the starter cluster size.

This is significantly bigger than the 930,000 validators that are currently on Ethereum’s mainnet, and other developers have voiced their concern that the number of validators needs to be higher.

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