US Presidential Candidate Presents Concept of Three Freedoms of Crypto

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Vivek Ramaswamy, a US Republican presidential candidate, presented on November 16 the concept of Three Freedoms of Crypto.

According to him, this concept aims to ensure a prosperous future for cryptocurrency and economic freedom for American citizens.

Ramaswamy spoke about the origins of the cryptocurrency movement as an alternative to the bailouts given to big banks by taxpayers 15 years ago.

He believes that this event tainted the functioning of capitalism, and cryptocurrency emerged as a way to escape this corruption.

He shared his thoughts on this at the North American Blockchain Summit in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Three Freedoms of Crypto consists of three main points: the freedom to code, the freedom of financial self-reliance, and the freedom from over-regulation.

The first freedom ensures that developers have the right to write and publish code, while the second advocates for users to have the freedom to be self-reliant and independent in their financial dealings.

The third freedom seeks to protect projects from excessive regulation and uncertainty.

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