Ethereum Ecosystem’s Transactions per Second Reach an All-time High

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The collective transactions per second (TPS) in the Ethereum ecosystem has reached a new peak, thanks to a sudden spike in TPS on a little-known layer 3 Ethereum platform.

According to L2BEAT data, Ethereum’s scaling networks, including layer 2 and layer 3 blockchains, recorded a combined TPS of 246.18 on June 16, resulting in an estimated 21.2 million transactions throughout the day.

A significant portion of these transactions, specifically 41%, occurred on Xai, a new layer 3 scaling solution for Ethereum that focuses on gaming applications. Xai is powered by Offchain Labs, the company behind the Arbitrum One blockchain.

Previously, Xai’s average TPS was around 1 per day, but it has been steadily increasing since June 10 and reached a peak of 101.72 TPS on June 16.

Following Xai, Base and Arbitrum ranked second and third with almost 33 and 21 TPS respectively on June 16. In fourth place was Proof of Play Apex, another layer 3 solution for Ethereum geared towards gaming, launched by Offchain Labs.

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