New European Parliament Could Continue Crypto-friendly Policies

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The recently elected European parliament is expected to maintain the EU’s supportive stance towards the cryptocurrency industry.

In the past week, voters from 27 member states of the EU, totaling 185 million people, cast their votes in the elections for the new European Parliament.

The European political landscape has undergone significant changes, with a rise in representation from far-right parties, the strengthening of the European People’s Party, and a decline for the Greens/EFA group.

The EU faces the challenging task of balancing the diverse interests of its member states, with varying approaches to sensitive issues such as the allocation of EU funds, migration and refugee policies, climate change and renewable energy, and creating a unified defense strategy.

Despite this complexity, Europe has made efforts to address the needs of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and it is expected that the newly elected European Parliament will continue this trend.

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