Gwyneth Paltrow Plans to Give Away $500,000 in BTC via Jack Dorsey’s App

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US actress Gwyneth Paltrow has recently announced she will be giving away $500,000 in Bitcoins through the Cash App of Jack Dorsey’s Block payment company (formerly called Square).

In order to participate in the free distribution, users need to write their tag in the Cash App and the hash tag #CashAppGifting in the comments to Paltrow’s publications on Twitter or Instagram.

The actress has noted that she started using blockchain and cryptos in 2017. According to her, it took her several years to be able to use Bitcoin without any problems.

On December 21, former Twitter head and co-founder of Block Jack Dorsey announced Bitcoin could become a replacement for the US dollar. He made this comment on a publication made by famous hip-hop singer Cardi B on the social network.

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