Spain May Join List of Largest Bitcoin Miners

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The Bitcoin hashrate dropped sharply in early January, against the backdrop of protests in Kazakhstan. The Internet was turned off in the country, as a result of which local miners could not continue their activity.

Kazakhstan is included in the list of countries that account for the highest amount of computing power of the BTC network. The hashrate started to recover on January 6-7, but this week it dropped again to 176 EH/s.

Against the background of such instability, Spain could increase its computing power, said local politician María Muñoz, who represents the Ciudadanos party.

She appealed to the authorities via Twitter and urged them to create the most comfortable conditions for the miners to work. To do this, the Spanish government must introduce legislation that will encourage companies to engage in crypto mining in this particular country.

Muñoz is also known for advocating the legalization of Bitcoin in the country.

She thinks Spain can become a convenient place for blockchain startups. This year, the party promises to again come up with the same initiative to the Central Bank and the Cabinet.

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