CryptoTanks Launches Minimum Viable Product to Showcase Retro Tank Battle Action

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Berlin, Germany, 17th February, 2022,

CryptoTanks, an NFT-based play-to-earn shooting game with a retro design, today announced the launch of its Minimum Viable Product, enabling gamers to take their battle tanks for a spin.

The MVP is a simplified version of the upcoming game built to showcase its gameplay, giving players a first look at its maps, sounds, tank movements and fire, game menus and more.

Crypto Tanks is an NFT-based game due to launch in March, where players will be able to earn rewards while playing a restored version of the iconic 1990s’ “Battle City” shoot-em-up with 8-bit graphics that reached cult status in the history of video games. As a modernized version of the hit retro game, CryptoTanks will take the experience to another level with new features, tanks, maps and locations, as well as an innovative economic environment that makes it possible to play-to-earn.

CryptoTanks’ MVP is a separate product from the main game accessible through a web browser on PCs only. The DeFi mechanics have been disabled, meaning users will not be able to play with NFTs to earn $TANK tokens or battle ratings on this demo. Features such as map selection have also been disabled.

Players can access MVP to start honing their tank battle skills here. Simply click to login and hit the “Fast Match” button to enter the waiting room where a timer will be displayed as the game waits for other players to join the action.  

Each battle will have five players and the action will last for five minutes, with each war machine piloted by a real, human player that has entered to check out CryptoTanks’ exciting tank battle gameplay mechanics.

In addition to the launch of the MVP, CryptoTanks announced its native cryptocurrency token $TANK has listed on the BitMart crypto exchange. TANK will be used to facilitate the economic features of CryptoTanks once its full version launches. Players will be able to spend TANK to buy tank NFTs, power up their tanks and bet on the outcome of battles with other players, among other features.

BitMart launched the TANK/USDT trading pair on February 17, with withdrawals enabled one day later.

“This is our first chance to showcase CryptoTanks gameplay and give our community a taste of what’s to come,” said Max, V., co-founder of Crypto Tanks. “This is only a demo and yet we can’t stop playing!”

The full version of CryptoTanks is still under development and will be playable on PCs and smartphones, with separate applications being developed for each platform. Progress on the game can be tracked here:, where updates are posted each Friday.

About Crypto Tanks
CryptoTanks is a Play To Earn platform where every NFT is 100% usable in the gamified DeFi ecosystem. With Tank NFTs, users can earn yield and play games to earn money. The platform is partially owned and operated by its players. Earn Tanks tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game! Beautiful design, big guaranteed prizes brought to users with gamified yield farming.



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