Devs Launch Ethereum Scaling Solution zkSync on Testnet

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The Matter Labs team has just deployed zkSync 2.0 on the Ethereum testnet as the first layer 2 (L2) EVM-compatible solution based on ZK Rollup tech.

According to the statement, the system will allow the creation and deployment of decentralized applications in a scalable environment with low fees, fully compatible with Ethereum’s native programming language – Solidity.

Matter Labs has noted:

“Many predicted that a ZK Rollup solution capable of general computing would be a key component in the final stage of blockchain scalability, but until a year ago, many of the best minds in the industry believed that this was still far away.”

It is important to remember that the decentralized organization BitDAO has previously allocated $200 million to support projects in the zkSync ecosystem.

Matter Labs said:

“The current version of zkSync 2.0 meets the needs of most applications on Ethereum, but as additional options are planned to be added in the near future, the solution will provide developers with opportunities for experimentation that are not currently available.”

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